Sunday, March 20, 2011

New look. New format.

Its been 2 years since my last post, and almost 4 years since I started this blog.  It's time for a brand new look & feel, and resume posting on the (somewhat) regular basis.

For those who have forgotten what the previous blog looked like, here is a screenshot:

I dropped the ball on updating the blog regularly, because the entire task was very daunting: while trying to cook an entire meal on a work night in my hungry and exhausted state, I need to take photos of every step of the preparation &cooking process?  After uploading the photos from the camera to the computer to the blog, I found writing the actual blog post very difficult:  I never use measurements when I cook, but when writing each post in traditional recipe format, I must include the actual measurement for every ingredient?  
The entire task from start to finish was very difficult.  
In the end, I could not keep any of that up and stopped blogging.

Here is my soluition moving forward:
  1. No more step-by-step photos directions.  Text only.
  2. No more recipes in traditional 'recipe' format.  This means; no exact measurements, no bullet list of ingredients, no enumerated list of instructions.
    As I always remind people, cooking is not about exact steps and measurements.  Cooking is about using some information (whether its a cooking technique, or dinner meal idea) and adding your own twist and creativity to your dish.
    Thus, it is contradictory for me to post step-by-step directions how to cook, and how much of each ingredient.
    My blog entries will now be in log or "diary" form. 
  3. Lastly, I need to keep in mind that this blog is supposed to be for 'fun'.  =)
- Jen

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