Tuesday, December 27, 2011

10 types of foodies? Now I have an idea what the heck a "foodie" is.

I was never entirely sure what a "foodie" was, and never wanted to call myself (or anyone) that.  In fact, I think some people actually get offended if you call them a "foodie".

If I were to describe myself, I would simply say "I really like food", or "I cook a lot", or "I really like eating", and leave it at that.

This latest post from Huffington Post finally help shed a little light on what the heck a "foodie" is.
Apparently, there are 10 types of them:
  1. Made It Myself!
  2. The Organivore
  3. The Europhile
  4. The One Upper  (I hate these folks)
  5. The Snob
  6. The Anti-Snob
  7. The Avoider
  8. The Blogging Food Pornographer
  9. The Bacon Lover
  10. The DIYer

As I read through them, I can definitely think of people I know that falls into one of the 10 types.
I think if I were to pick one that I fall under, I would probably fall into the 1st type (but I'm not as crazy as they describe Type #1 to be =D)

Is everyone enjoying entertaining for the holidays?
How does one entertain for all 10 types of "foodies"??  
Beats me =O

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