Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sautéed Swiss Chard

Recently, my sister moved to a different apartment, and was unable to take her plants with her (no balcony at the new place). So she harvested her swiss chard and gave some of the chard to me.  In addition to the chard was 1 leek.

I was not sure what I can do with simply 1 leek, so I decided to mince it up, and sauté it with the Swiss chard! 
After washing all the soil out of the chard, I seperated the leaves from the stem, and chopped the stem into little pieces.  I minced up a little bit of garlic, and the 1 leek, and added it to a heated pan with olive oil in it.  It was so frangrant already.
Add in the chard stem first as they take a while to cook, then add in the leafy green part later.  Season it with kosher salt, stop cooking when the stem is tender.

The red is quite pretty.
You can also add in spinach if you like, to add a little more green to red ratio.  :) spinach takes the least time to cook, so you would add that in at the very end.

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