Monday, April 18, 2011

Steamed Dungeness Crabs. My fav

Last week, after I went back to my hometown to dye my mom's hair, on our way back home, we stopped by El Monte Superstore to pick up some dungeness crabs.  I like going there since their groceries is always very affordable (this is also the store where I bought the bamboo for my bamboo chicken dish).

We always get our dungeness crabs from El Monte Superstore since its way cheaper than Ranch99, or any other American place.
Sadly, when we got there, the price of crabs was $7.99 per pound!
I have gotten it for $3.99 a pound in the past from that store, but unfortunately, the prices have gone up (must be because it's not crab season?).
Oh well, we still really enjoy eating steamed crab, so it will be worth it anyways.

Once we got home, with 2 crabs in tow, I busted out my handy dandy 3 tiered steamer (but I only used 2 tiers) and steamed up those sucks.  It takes probably 15 minutes, from start to finish.

The crab's natural flavor is quite delicious that I don't need any salt or butter or lemon.  Plain is the best.

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