Saturday, May 28, 2011

My own attempt at Pho

I love pho.  It's so hearty, tasty and rich.
I was excited when I was at Ranch99 and found a jar of their broth base on sale. 
I bought a jar of the broth base, some beef flank, pho vermicelli noodles, and beef balls with tendons.  I went the cheap route and did not buy the tendons and tripe.

Where I live, its so hard to find good pho, so making at-home pho with a powdered broth base seems a win to me!

I first simmered the beef flank in water and onions to create a tasty broth, and to cook the beef down so its softer.  Then following the engrish directions on the broth jar label, I dissolved the broth powder and added in the seasonings bag. Finally adding in the beef balls to cook last.  When I was ready to eat, I boiled the pho vermicelli noodles for a minute, strained, then placed them into bowls.  Ladling the pho soup over the bed of noodles.

My pho does not *look* like your traditional pho, but it sure tasted like it.  And making it at home is so much cheaper and so easy too.  Maybe next time, I'll get the tendons and mint leaves.

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