Sunday, May 15, 2011


I can't think of a better name for this dish. 
I was thinking along the lines of "scallion tofu", or "soy sauce simmered tofu" or "simmered tofu with scallions", but they all got too long.  We will just call this dish "tofu"  and leave it at that.

After returning from my Europe trip, my stomach felt all wierd.  My stomach would feel hungry, but did not have an appetite for anything meaty or anything greasy.  We spent the entire week eating veggies and tofu.
I was very happy with how the tofu dish came out.

Scallions were on sale at the asian market, 7 bunches for $1. 
I chopped up a bunch of scallions, and sliced up 2 boxes of tofu. (we eat lots of tofu in this house.  1 box is too small!).  I first browned each side of the tofu in my skillet, with a little bit of oil.  It actually takes a while to brown each sides, since the tofu is cold and moist.  Finally, when each side is golden is crispy, i pushed the tofu aside in my skillet, added a teeny dab of oil, and threw the chopped scallions in the oil.  Once the scallions started to cook (and you can smell its yummy smell), I used a spatula to turn the tofu and scallions together.  I was using high heat to brown the tofu, so turn down the heat to low, to add in the water, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar.  Let it simmer until the tofu sucks up the soy sauce mixture.

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