Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bacon Wrapped Mahi-Mahi

Let me clear this up:

Mahi Mahi, also referred to as "dolphin fish" are NOT dolphins.
Dolphin fish is NOT a dolphin. Dolphins are mammals, and are protected from being fished.
Mahi mahi is a white fish, with a firm texture and mild flavor.

I decided to wrap some Mahi Mahi steaks with bacon, because hey... everything tastes great when wrapped in bacon! Broil for 7-10 minutes on each side, and *voila* tasty fish!.
Mahi-Mahi is great for grilling, and so is this recipe!

Bacon Wrapped Mahi-Mahi

- 4 Mahi-Mahi steaks, about 5 ounces each, or so.
- some black pepper.
- 8 strips of bacon.

1. Lightly pepper your fish steaks. No salt is necessary in this recipe because bacon already has enough salt.

2. Wrap your fish with bacon, and place in a baking pan.

3. Set your broiler on high, and broil each side for 7-10 minutes.

this dish is so ideal for those busy evenings.. and very filling too.
oh, look how beautiful that is...


Roadkill said...
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Anonymous said...

Great idea Jen. I am going to try this tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


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