Thursday, July 26, 2007

An alternative to lighting up the grill

I love grilled corn.
and corn at Ralphs was on sale! 5 for $1! Woohoo.

However, lighting the grill is such a pain.
Especially when it's 8pm on a week night and you don't plan on throwing a huge BBQ party any time soon.

So my sister told me, that an alternative to grilling corn on a BBQ grill, is to throw it into the oven instead.
But they would come more more steamed, rather than grilled.

That's fine with me, corn is corn. It's always good!

I didn't know how long to bake these ears of corn, and for how long.
But somehow, in the end, they came out so good!
I brought in one of the ears of corn into work as my lunch, and it filled me up good!
I was full and happy at work

Oven Steamed Corn

- 8 ears of corn
- tin foil
- an oven

1. Peel out the outer most layer of the corn husk (the dark green leaves), and leave the inner light green husk on the corn.
2. De hair and was corn. Be sure to not rip off any of that light green husk in the process.
3. Break off that annoying stem at the end of the corn.
4. Wrap up the corn into tin foil.

I had Jeff do those top 4 steps!
He did a fabulous job!

1. Turn oven to 360 degrees F
2. Put corn into oven.
3. Bake corn for 1.5 hours. Turning the corn halfway.
4. Let corn cool, then enjoy!

I like my corn plain. They are naturally sweet and juicy. No butter needed.

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