Monday, July 23, 2007


updates! yes.. not a recipe this time.

(1) I have uploaded a new Header Banner for my website. It it not the final version because the banner is pixel-y looking, so I will have to redo it on PhotoShop when I get to my other computer.
(....Last time I use a SnipShot + MS Paint combo.... ::grumbles::)

(2) Yes. The veggies in the header banner picture is intended to look blurry and elongated. That was my attempt at being creative, but I guess I obviously failed at that.

(3) I forgot to give credit to my sister Grace, for introducing me to the chicken-roasting-in-the-oven method (from my last recipe I posted)
She is the one that taught me to dry the chicken with paper towels, and to use a dry rub on chicken, and to roast a whole chicken in the oven. Thanks!

It is through observing people cook, or people teaching me techniques (such as my sister), and me reading recipes online, where I learned to use different cooking methods and different food ingredients, and adding a twist to it, in cooking my meals.

So by eating my food, or reading my recipes, you might even notice that I stole something from you and called it mine! Mwhahaha.


Grace said...

I can't see the banner, but it could just be my computer at work.

Jennifer Lin said...

at work?! tsk tsk....
(hehe. im at work too!)