Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Green Zucchini, Italian Squash... same thing

So I have an all-time favorite veggie dish, that is so simple and quick to make, it's perfect on days when I have little time.

Unfortunately, I don't know whether the veggie is a green zucchini, or an Italian squash.
However, because I've seen the names used interchangeably at grocery stores, then so will I .

They look like that

Green Squash-Italian Zucchini

- 3 medium Green Squashes
- 2 tsp Lawry's Seasoned salt

How to Prepare:
1. Wash and cut them Green Squash lengthwise, diagonally, or whatever other creative cuts you've got.
2. Lightly sprinkle the seasoned salt on both sides of the Italian Zucchini

1. Place 1 tbsp of veggie or olive oil into a skillet.
2. When the oil in the skillet is hot, lay down each Italian Zucchini onto the surface of the skillet.
3. Don't stir fry the veggies! Instead, let each slice cook on their side, until it starts turning golden, and the meat is somewhat translucent.
4. When the the squash is golden on one side, turn the squashes over.
5. When the zucchini is golden on both sides, and thoroughly soft and traslucent, the squash are done!

I enjoy my zucchinis with chicken breasts.
But I will save that chicken breast recipe for another time. =)

-recipe created by Jennifer Lin-

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