Friday, July 13, 2007

Peasant Ratatouille! Follow Up Post

As a follow up to my previous post, "Peasant Ratatouille"
I made the Ratatouille recipe the day before yesterday, and it came out great!

Here is the photo of the Ratatouille I made:


So I think that recipe I found was pretty good.
It was very healthy. Only herbs and veggies. No fatty meat, no salt.

Some criqitues and suggesstions that I have for that recipe however:

- The recipe lied! It says "serves 4". I think they meant to say "serves 40" but forgot the 0.
- I recommend halving the recipe, unless you plan on eating ratatouille for lunch and dinner for the next month.
- I did not taste enough tomato. I recommend having 1 more tomato added to the original recipe!
- The recipe did not include any salt. I recommend just a light sprinkle of salt after adding the tomatoes and zucchinis. Just to soften things up and ad a hint of flavor.

Otherwise, everything was good!

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