Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dessert- fried plantains

Plantains are so delicious, and make a very delicious dessert. I like to eat these after a meal since they are very very sweet!

For those who do not know, a plantain is a starchy banana-like fruit, eaten (always cooked) as a staple vegetable throughout the tropic regions around the world.

Plantain Guide
(stolen from the sticker on the plantain):
Green - Use like a potato! Perfect as a side dish, in soups, and stews or deep fried.
Yellow with Brown Spots - Great fried and mashed.
Black: Sweet and mainly used as a dessert.

For me, I like slicing my bananas and frying them in a little bit of oil.

Fried Plantains

- 1 plantain
- 2 tbp cooking oil
- paper towels to blot the oil, when done frying.

1) Get your plantain! Mine is yellowy-brown!

2) Slice plantains into coins

3) Heat up oil. Then fry the bananas.

4) Turn bananas over when it turns golden.

5) Yummy and Easy peasy!!

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